Bathroom Renovation Strategy

Feb 11


We’ve had the opportunity to design both primary and guest bathrooms over the last few months, which has really honed my process, and how I approach them aesthetically.

When one client came to us, she was very emphatic about wanting a beautiful and timeless kitchen and bath.  This was her first experience with a renovation, but she came to the table educated and prepared.  She knew that hiring a designer would greatly increase the chances of her spaces being unique, very personal, and speak to the overall style she wanted to attain.

We took the notion of timelessness very seriously in selecting the materials and colors for her home, and sourced materials that are classic, and, even if very popular now, will still stand the test of time.

To get an overall concept for a bathroom renovation, we break down the design into elements, and coordinate them so that they work well together.  I typically start with tile, as I find it a huge source of inspiration, and often a good jumping-off for the design. I place tile into sub-categories such as:
– Backsplash
– Main floor
– Shower floor
– Shower walls


Depending on the budget, a vanity might be off-the-shelf, a found object, or custom-made. Vanities are a great way to incorporate function and storage, and the right piece can provide visual warmth – something often needed in a sea of tile and hard surfaces.

Faucets can also help direct the vibe of the bathroom.  We take into account the size of the vanity, as well as the look we’re going for when selecting faucets, typically picking classic finishes like polished nickel, unlacquered brass, and chrome.

Mirror: A mirror should complement the design. Framed or frameless, single or in multiples, they can work to make a statement, or quietly enhance.

Hardware: Pulls and knobs on the vanity, as well as towel bars/rings, toilet paper holders, and hooks. These all serve a purpose, and should be considered in the design.

Lighting: Vanity sconces can add beauty and function. FYI: Face-framing light is most flattering!


Many other factors come into play when putting together the design for a bathroom, but getting these elements right sets the tone for an overall successful design scheme. 

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