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I’ve been determined these past couple of weeks to declutter our house. I don’t understand how we collected so much stuff in a year and a half since our move.

When I first started, my goal was to get rid of one bag of clutter a day until the whole house is cleansed.  In the process, my Mom and I stumbled upon a checklist to set my goal in motion to have every room decluttered before February.

So if purging your entire house seems too overwhelming for you, I put it all together a 28 Day Daily Declutter Challenge, a daily printable checklist, in hopes that it will help ease you into the task.

I’m going to share tips and hacks to declutter your entire house without loosing your mind. Did I mention a free printable to make the process easier and more effective?



They say the most efficient way to peel an onion is one layer at a time. When you declutter your house one layer at a time, it doesn’t seem quite so stressful.

I’ve dived in on the action to sort my closets and dressers to get rid of any clothes and shoes that don’t fit or need retiring. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a weight is lifted when I purge a closet or clean out a cabinet too long neglected.

And when I make it “beautiful”, I’m more motivated to keep it that way. It also helps that it makes me much faster and more efficient in the mornings when I’m rushing around getting ready for work and trying to find things.

Now for the dreadful playroom. Sorted through all of your kids toys and donate any toys they don’t play with anymore. Explain to your kids that they are blessed because there are so many kids in this world who only get a shoebox of items at Christmas if they are lucky.

While you are decluttering the playroom, I recommend a toy label system. The label system gives my nephew responsibility (and no excuse not to) keep that area neat and tidy.

After you’re finished decluttering, if you want to go on a super cleaning spree, you can get our printable Declutter Plan.


Do you have any decluttering tips or organization discoveries that have helped you in the day-to-day?  Share them below!  We always can use more around here.

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