5 Ways to Arrange Furniture When Staging

Aug 11



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Selling your home ? Have you assessed your property to make sure it’s market ready ? A lot goes into home staging or restyling your existing furniture.

Even if you’re not selling and are just looking for a way to change things up in your home, consider these tips to arranging your furniture to create a more balanced and esthetically-pleasing space.

Keep Furniture Off the Walls

If the room you’re furnishing is a small space, placing your furniture against the walls may be your only option. Ideally, you want to leave space between the walls and your furniture, which can actually make the room feel more spacious. If the space is larger, float the furniture even farther away from the walls to create a conversation area in the centre of the room, which leads us to our next tip.

Create Conversation AreaS

A living room should be a space where people can congregate to hang out with each other and chat. Creating a conversation area can be the perfect way to foster that interaction. To create a conversation space, face your furniture toward each other so that it’s near enough for people to easily converse without having to lean in or twist their necks. If you’re dealing with a spacious room, you may be able to create more than one conversation area.

Use an Appropriately Sized Area Rug

Area rug anchot the room. Not only is the position of the rug important, so is its size. When using an area rug, make sure it’s large enough that all the furniture within the arrangement sits top of it, to some degree.

Consider Traffic Flow

You want to ensure clear walkways and that you don’t have to maneuver furniture when utilizing the space. The tip is to allow for at least a couple of feet between sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. This will ensure an unobstructed path for people to walk around the room with no difficulty. It will also give the room a larger feel.

Properly Balance FURNITURE Arrangements

Balance is an essential part of furnishing and decorating. Make sure you take the size and position of pieces into consideration. For example, don’t group all big or small pieces together. Instead, add variety with your shapes and sizes throughout the space.

Pick a Focal Point

The focal point might be obvious, such as a fireplace. But other times, you might have to create one, which can be done with things like a television or outdoor patio furniture. Whatever you’ve chosen as your focal point, arrange your furniture around it.




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