Designer tips for Decorating your BOOKCASE

Jun 24

This weekend I took everything off the shelves in our living room to deep clean and re-style them. This is one of the easiest ways to make our space feel different without having to buy anything new. Some things will inevitably shift around, but it can be a fun challenge to only work with the pieces you have.


Shelves can be free standing or fixed, built-in; they can all be relatively even or odd heights that don’t line up with a mix of large and small openings. This is way shelves can be frustrating and hard to work around. By the end of this blog, you will love the different layerings of height and push yourself to come up with better solutions.


Shelf styling is all about great books. They are truly the building block and the easiest way to incorporate color, texture and a play on sizing. I prefer to have a majority of my books horizontal. Because most are coffee table books, this serves as a great base to layer accessories next to or on top of.


For the larger shelves it is really important to have art to fill in the negative space. Just like books, small pieces of art can be layered to help fill awkward spaces and look more finished. I prefer wall style frames (with no kickstand on the back) that prop up against the wall of the shelf. This only works with shelves that aren’t super deep so you can actually see the art.


Once these items are set in place I like to fill in accessories. A mix of vases, decorative objects, candles, trays, plants, etc. all make a huge impact on a shelf. My rule of thumb is to make sure everything feels balanced and create a cohesive color palette. For example my shelves are so whimsical, a white pottery vase wouldn’t really work because it would stick out way too much. If you incorporate items you love and books you like to look at, you can’t go wrong!


 A lot of people don’t know where to start when decorating their own home, so book a Virtual Design Session. I will break down the smaller concepts, each vignette and art wall and if you implement the ideas your home will have come together to look like the best version of your personality possible!

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