7 Tips to Refresh Your Home

Jan 29


Tired of the same drab look, but can’t quite spring for a makeover? Are you looking for a new and fresh take on your home decor? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got just what you need for a quick upgrade that’s just as easy on your budget.

For a modern home, you will want to focus on clean, crisp colors with brick, tile, and wood accents. Consider these ways to instantly refresh your space. 

No. 1 – Consider a fresh paint job or hang faux brick or wood wallpaper.


No. 2 – You can also hang your favorite fabric that you like and hang that on the walls in lieu of wallpaper. Not only is it much faster and less stressful, cleanup and removal is a breeze! Simply start from one corner and then, peel the fabric away. You can wipe the walls and use them as they are or hang different fabric for a brand new look. Wallpaper “stickers” are also available online, which are not only very inexpensive but come in lots of different styles and patterns. Go explore what you like!

No. 3 – Style Your Trays: This is an easy way to add interest to virtually every surface in your home. From the coffee table to the kitchen island, from the bathroom counter to your bed, all you need to add is a vase and a simple bouquet of flowers. 

No. 4 – Use fresh flowers. Flowers, especially grocery store flowers, are an inexpensive way to bring a vibrancy into every room.

No. 5 – Add throw pillows or move around the ones you currently have. It is hard for me to leave Pottery Barn or Anthropologie without a new one in tow. When I do bring one home, I always ask myself, can this be used to redecorate multiple places in my home? Bed, bench, accent chairs …the options are plentiful.

No. 6 – Is there anything more mood centric than candlelight? You don’t have to wait until you entertain to find beautiful candlesticks and put them to work. This is another item that works in a variety of settings in your home; the occasion does not need to be formal.

No. 7 –  Buying a bold new light fixture or hardware for your cabinets is popular advice for updating your home—but for good reason. It’s inexpensive and can have a big impact on your space’s look and feel. Plus, it works in every room: Try a new bed lamp in a fun color or install metallic pulls on your bathroom drawers. In the kitchen or living room, try updating your light fixtures with modern pendants, recommends lifestyle expert Tiffany White.

The next time you are perusing your favorite home decor store, think about how versatile that accessory can be before you decide to purchase it.

Until next time, thank you for reading Deco by Design. Find me on Instagram for daily home decorating inspiration. Happy redecorating!