DIY Industrial Shelving

Oct 29


If you are in search for the ideal industrial, modern shelving unit for your home, you know there is an abundance of wood and metal bookshelves available right now. Some are a touch more rustic, while others have more of a traditional look. But our client was looking for something more modern. Kennedi found the perfect unit at a pricey home goods store and then me made her our, more stylish, version of the shelves.

Kennedi provided a picture to the original unit, and our team used these  the following stepa to create the shelving that best suited her needs.


Our list of supplies was not very ambitious:

  • An industrial metal frame

  • Warm wood shelves

  • A clean, modern design

Let’s get started! 

Step One: Spray paint.

This one is pretty self explanatory. After assembling the unit, spray it matte black and let it dry for at least two days. I suggest outside or in the garage.

Step Two: Cut and Stain Wood.

Use 1 x 12 wood planks (I used aspen). Cut the boards to the correct lengths. 23 9/16″ for the bottom three shelves and 23 10/16″ for the top shelf. Then cut the boards to the correct depth; 10 5/8″ for the bottom three and 10 13/16″ for the top shelf. Stain and poly them your desired color.

Step Three: Attach Wood.

Slightly screw the bottom three shelves. Simply set the shelves in place and tighten the screws. They should be nice and snug.

For $50 and less than seven hours, Kennedi had the high-end look she wanted in a shelving unit. This project can also easily be adapted to any size you choose.

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