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Jul 16


Going to college means a multitude of changes and decisions. One of the most exciting decisions is decorating your dorm room or apartment. Every college dorm and student apartment requires you to maximize your space. Fitting the equivalent of a whole your entire life (clothes, toiletries, electronics, and school supplies) into generally one room and a shared bathroom can be frustrating, not to mention costly. That’s where we come in!

Midcity Decor wants to help you make the most of your college living experience! Here are some simple, cheap organizational hacks that are not only cost effective but match whatever décor you pick. The best part, everything can all be found on #Amazon!  

 1. Stackable Bins

During the semester, you’ll spend most of your time at your desk. It’s where you eat, do homework, post & like on #Instagram, and watch TV. It’s helpful to have your desk as clean and organized as possible, so you can focus on the task at hand. A quick start to the organizing process is purchasing stackable bins to fill up with pretty much whatever you want, school supplies, change, wallet and keys. Amazon has many different clear acrylic nesting bins perfect for any collegiate desk.

2. Magazine Holders

Another great desk organization item is a magazine holder. It can function as a place for miscellaneous school papers, along with easy access storage for class binders. The paper or plastic holders can even be painted, and re-covered to add style. However you choose to decorate, they are easy to incorporate into the design scheme.

3. Under Bed Storage

Trying to stuff a year’s worth of clothes into a small closet is a nightmare. However, most dorms have space under the bed. This is where under bed storage comes in handy. They slide in wherever you have space. My favorites Under Bed Storage is ClosetMaid Under-Bed Fabric Storage Bags! These seal to keep out critters and dust. Click the link below to check them out!

4. Rolling Storage Cart

Okay, your mom overdid the food and snacks. NOW where are you going to put it all?! I used my 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart to store food; however, you can use the cart for almost anything, clothes, hair supplies, etc. The Storage Cart is a must have for college dorm rooms. You can clearly see the stored items, making it great for sorting and organizing. Not to mention that it’s compact; perfect for any dorm rooms because space is limited!

5. Mason Jars

Mason jars are another great product. You can use them to keep your toiletries organized. You can fill these jars with all sorts of things, Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup brushes, bobby pins, tampons…etc!  

I hope this was helpful! If you do not have Amazon Prime, check your local dollar tree. You’ll be surprised!

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