A Beginner’s Guide to Staging Your Home

May 5

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1. Potted Flowers by the Front Door Your front door is one of the very first impressions home buyers will get of your home. It’s likely they have some time to stand there looking at everything while their agent unlocks the door, so it’s important to make this spot very inviting. Besides making any necessary repairs and cleaning everything up, place a plant or some flowers beside it to spruce it up. This small detail will make buyers feel more positive, a feeling which they will carry with them inside.

2. Place Extra Pillows on the Bed and Sofa Pillows have a way of making a space feel warmer and more comfortable. Adding some extra pillows to your sofa and the bed in the master bedroom will make both of these areas feel more welcoming. They also give you an opportunity to infuse some accents and patterns to liven up the décor.

3. Add White Bath Robe & White Towels You’ve probably noticed that luxury hotels usually offer white towels and white bath robes to their guests. Likewise, buyers subconsciously associate these things with a luxury vacation or spa experience. Play on this psychology by hanging up a white robe in your master bathroom and put fresh new white towels out on display. You may think it’s a frivolous addition, however, in my experience buyers instantly feel more attracted to the space.

4. Place a Tray with Coffee or Wine on the Kitchen Island Another fun home staging trick is to place a tray on the kitchen island or counter with a couple of coffee cups or wine glasses, and a bag of coffee or bottle of wine. This simple touch will have buyers thinking about relaxing in the space and unwinding after a long day. It’s just a little mental queue that will get buyers to fill at home.

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1. Style in groups of three

2. Move furniture away from walls

3. Remove heavy drapes & blinds for more light

4. Paint or stain the front door 5. Keep all lights on when showing

6. Replace light bulbs with 100 watts to increase brightness and appeal

7. Neutralize bold colored walls

8. Paint all walls a rich neutral color

9. Remove pet hair, toys, and beds

10. NO Blank Walls: Add art

11. Wall Art – Abstract images are best

12. Pressure wash all windows to ensure they are sparkle, foliage free

13. Good flow pattern between furniture for easy navigation

14. Power wash exterior and driveway

15. Place potted flowers or plants by front door

16. Packed all personal photos and trophies

17. Curb Appeal is the buyer’s first impression. Make landscape trim & neat.

18. Deep Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen

19. Store packed items away from home or neatly in the garage

20. Board/doggy daycare pets when showing home

21. Update the hardware on the front door

22. Replace the doormats

23. Banish cooking and pet smells

24. Showcase outdoor living

25. Clean the front door/porch area. Ensure there is no dust or cob webs.

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